We are looking for the translators

Translate our Business WP trial theme into your language and get the paid version for FREE.

How it works?
Contact us first (scroll down) and send us a translation request. You can find the languages we are looking for, in the contact form below. We will contact you with the instructions (some translations are in progress, contact us first please).
Once we confirm that we are interested in the language, download our free (trial) Business WP version and translate it into your language (we accept 100% translations only)
Get the paid version
Once you send us a translation, we need to check it. In case of there will be no errors, we will send you a paid version to your email.

We are looking for most used languages (list in contact form). If you want translate the theme into another language, let us know.

How it works:

  1. Contact us first
  2. Select the translation language
  3. If the language is not in list, let us know. We will contact you if we are interested.
  4. Submit your request
  5. Wait for the answer (some translations could be in progress)
  6. If we confirm the translation, you can translate the trial version
  7. Only 100% translations are accepted
  8. Send us the translation files and wait for the language review
  9. We will send you a paid version for free on your email